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Writing – Diary of a Budding Freelance

My Freelance Writing Ethos.

When I first started this caper I used to look at all the profiles of writers who knew exactly what they could bring to a project with envy. People were chucking around terms like value added and I really did not have a clue. I certainly had nothing approaching an ethos or a mission statement but as I have gone through the process I think I have started to develop one. I am quite sure that it is not fully formed yet but if I was pushed for an ethos now I think it would go something like this

I produce quality products. I do not copy sections from the internet or re word other people’s articles . Inserting a bit of spark and personality is my specialty.I love to write and anything I produce will reflect my genuine love of language.

I strongly believe that top notch writing can add value to a website or product and help increase profit. I also believe that poor writing can harm the image an employer is trying to create and therefore cost them money. That is why I will strive to give them a product that is of exceptional quality every time.

I don’t think I came into this expecting to have to convince people of the power of words. I suppose as a former English teacher I should know better than anyone that not everyone appreciates how important language is. But somehow I expected that if someone was hiring a person to write for them then they would understand this truth. Some people seem to think that any words will do. The way these people totally underestimate the power of language still astonishes me.

This freelance writing thing has really focused me on the pleasure of earning a living from something you are passionate about and so far I declare this career change a success.



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  1. I’ve been an English teacher for 27 years and would love to retire and free lance, too. Where do I start?

    Comment by cmccain | January 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. If you are serious about it then I can give you a few tips. It is working for me. But I am going through a drop in pay while I build up my client base.
    Contact me at


    Comment by michellejbuss | January 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. With me, it’s all about Adding Value. It’s a business cliche, but it’s one I live by. If I am not adding something unique or better or more efficient to the process, I am wasting your time…and it’s not fulfilling me either. Usually you don’t find out until you’re already in the middle of the project. Even then, I have politely backed out of jobs. This credo probably only has meaning to me, but I take it seriously.

    Comment by livelyexchange | January 21, 2009 | Reply

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