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SEO Writing- Is There A Way We Can All Make Money?

As I was ploughing my way through my present bread and butter work of SEO writing today, I suddenly had an epiphany. It is actually possible to write SEO quite well. You may mock but it is true. If you have a strong grasp of the English language and a bit of talent with words then SEO’s can sound quite professional and even show some personality and humor. They can flow well and actually make the product sound like it really would be worth checking out. Here is the bad news though. It is impossible to make a 500 word SEO article sound like real quality in half an hour. I do not care what anyone says; highly competent, compelling articles of 500 words take an hour to write and if there is research involved add at least another half an hour. So why is this bad news? Because most SEO employers pay about five dollars USD for an article. So that means SEO writers are on way less than minimum wage. I have got news for you SEO employers, the articles you are getting are not quality.

Now this may not come as a shock to most SEO employers but how about this for a thought; what if the articles you are publishing are actually damaging your sales? I have no proof of this except common sense but hear me out. If I was after a good or a service and googled the name of it to be taken to an extremely poorly written or uninspiring article, I would not click on the link, in fact I would look at the company name and warn myself it was one to keep well away from. I would not be the only one.

None of this may matter if you are selling some dodgy hair replacement or penis enlargement product (though come to think of it if I was the poor guy who had googled those terms I would probably really want an article that inspired some confidence, especially in the case of a penis enlargement) but if your product has some real quality to it you may actually be damaging your product image and therefore losing potential sales.

Even if you believe none of this, even if you think rubbish SEO articles will not hurt your reputation or your image there is still the fact that you are missing out on the opportunity to actually use the articles to really add value to your product or brand. Don’t you think a brilliantly written SEO that really sells the product could actually help you get sales over competitors whose links are attached to rubbish articles? Maybe you don’t, but I do. If you pay more for fabulous SEO’s but it increases your sales exponentially then everyone is a winner. We all make money.

SEO’s have the potential to actually be quality advertising but nobody seems to see that.



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  1. I really admire your ability to put aside the glaring injustice of it and do the work. We all have to pay the bills.

    I had a full time SEO job (I was as surprised as anyone that such a thing existed.) My douche boss told me to get the aforementioned 500 words done in 20 minutes! “It’s just about keywords…it doesn’t have to be good.” Except, when I submitted the articles that (secretly) took 45 minutes or more to write then, suddenly, it was all about quality!

    I did this 5 hours a day, M-F, for a month. The other half of the day was spent blogging and commenting and MySpace-ing. My SEO topic was Insurance and, in the end, I wrote over 75,000 words. I typed the last period, stapled the pages together, and f’ing quit. Having never filled out tax forms (!) and always being paid in cash(!)I didn’t exactly feel the need to give two weeks’ notice.

    Comment by livelyexchange | January 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh yeah, and he made everyone work on Memorial Day…which only happens in the USA if you work at McDonalds or WalMart!

    Comment by livelyexchange | January 6, 2009 | Reply

    • He actually sounds even worse than the guy I work for. To be fair this chap is quite polite though very pushy. Always wanting me to do more, but the idea of paying me more seems to never enter his head.

      Comment by michellejbuss | January 6, 2009 | Reply

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