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Moral Issues in Freelance Writing- Can We Afford to Care?

Yesterday I was pretty dismissive of a minor moral dilemma I had encountered in my day’s work. I still largely stand by what I said, there is nothing inherently wrong with writing articles to draw people to your client’s website. Clearly this is a legitimate form of advertising and just because it is a fairly recent development does not make it unethical. I did toy with the idea that having writers who know nothing about a product, sell it, may be deceitful but really, since when have advertisers known the ins and outs of their products? Over all I think we are on pretty solid ground morally when we accept this type of writing, so long as you undertake to research as best you can and do a thoroughly professional job I think you can sleep easy in your bed (I dare say that is a huge weight off your mind, worrying about my opinion on the matter has no doubt kept you up nights)

But what if as you are writing you start to get a small but persistent, sneaking feeling that the whole thing may be a big con? What if you fear, on a fairly educated guess, that the product you are selling is designed, largely to do people out of their cash without much gain for them? Do you stop? Can you afford the loss of income and inevitable negative feedback?

Again, I am not sure I can afford to care at the moment but if it is any consolation I would feel bad about it and I will care as soon as I have enough money to feed myself. Anyway, I may be wrong, maybe the product is making everyone rich. How does everyone else feel about this?


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