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Video Games to Blame For the End of The World (Blame Games Part Two)

I enjoyed writing about some of the crazy things people have said about video games so much I decided not to stop at one blog. 

1.The New Zealand Herald reported three Auckland teens were killed in a vehicle crash while attempting to outrun police in a high speed pursuit.

National’s transport spokesman Maurice Williamson says today’s young people think they are bullet-proof. He blames Playstations and X-boxes for making teens think they can drive stupidly and just push the reset button if anything goes wrong.

 I am pretty sure teenagers have behaved recklessly since the beginning of time. I remember pulling some stunts with cars that now, quite frankly, make my hair stand on end to think about and I have never been interested in racing games. I wonder if there has been an increase in teenagers leaping from tall buildings because if they die when they hit the bottom the can press the reset  button?

2.LONDON (AFP) — West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green has blamed the increasing popularity of video games among English boys for the country’s failure to reach the finals of the Euro 2008 football championships.But Green cited an economic cause as a reason for England’s failure.”We would have the best team if we could go into every household and throw away every PlayStation, Xbox and video game.

I read the whole article and I still could not work out what his reasoning for this was, but I think it is my favorite so far. Video games are to blame for English failure at sport. Beautiful. I presume this is because they are banned in countries where sporting success is more common place?

3.  In this week’s edition of the magazine, Adler reported on a new study showing our time in outdoors recreation is declining. He summarized: “So along with obesity and attention-deficit disorder, you can now, if you choose, blame videogames for the greenhouse effect.” 

I have a feeling that this may have been slightly tongue in cheek but still it does suggest that the only or main reason people stay inside is because of video games, I bet the TV industry is so glad games were invented to take the heat off them. Also, I included it because it shows video game bashing has reached its final conclusion, they are now to blame for the literal end of the world. My job here is done.


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