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History of Sex In Video Games

I received an email the other day from the editor of one of the gaming magazines I write for with a proposal for a new article. Could you do me, 2000 words on the history of sex in video games, please? A general piece on the ways it has been used, when it has been part of a legitimate storyline and when it is clearly just frap material for teenage boys. Mmmm, ok, sounds interesting, I have never heard of the word frap but I get the general idea. So I start to research it and all I can say is: who knew? There is a plethora of information out there on this topic and it really is highly interesting stuff. The way people’s minds work!

Hot Coffee (the incident that caused a huge scandal when game designers accidently left a hidden scene in GTA: San Andreas where the player could control the thrusting of the character as he had sex), Leisure Suit Larry ( the whole point of the game is to pursue lovely ladies and score to score, but big points loss for not using a condom) and usb devices that fit over the penis to provide stimulation, it is a wide, wide world out there. The magazine I write for is generally of the good, clean fun variety so I will have to tread carefully. I may leave out the bit about the usb device. And coverage in anything but the vaguest terms of the second life like sex game Sociolotron, may also be going too far.

I can see this is going to need a lot more research though, and blogging.


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