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How to Pitch Your Idea To A Magazine Editor

How to pitch your article to the editor of a magazine is actually a quite contentious issue. There are just so many things to consider and it is so vitally important to get it right. At the risk of popping people’s bubbles, decent writers are a dime a dozen. Brilliant,booker prize winning authors are rare but the rest of us are everywhere, all trying to get ourselves published and make some money from our passion. The pitch is often the only thing you have to impress an editor enough to pick you out from the crowd.

The problem is editors are extremely busy people and it is very important not to annoy them, as you really need them on your side. So, there is the dilemma, a short easy to read pitch that the editor will not have to give up much of her precious time to read or a long, detailed but professional pitch that the editor may not even make it past the the first sentence of? In general it comes down to the quality of the idea. If you have a blindingly good, fairly original idea for an article it will probably stand on its own. Just put a few short sentences in an email (after you have phoned to make sure you have correct contact details) and fire it off to a few magazines.

If your idea has, admittedly, been done before but you think you have a new take on it or your style of writing has something fresh to add then it is as well to set out a detailed proposal. A detailed proposal can include lot of different elements and often depends on what you want to showcase about the article. An idea of the structure you see the article having and a paragraph from the article are a good idea. Examples of detailed pitches in part two.


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