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Too Old For Games: Bite Your Tongue

I have been playing video games since I was a kid since I am now 37, that really is saying something. All my life I have waited to grow out of them, like I did Enid Blyton books and like everyone kept telling me I would. It never happened. I had started to assume it never would and then, just recently, I had a few nasty moments.

WoW has started to bore me, which is odd since I have just arrived back from Australia and gotten the new expansion, I guess it is because I know the pattern now. Grind, hit cap, get all excited about high level raiding and new gear , for about a month and then slowly lose interest as I realise, that is it, nothing else really new is going to happen until next expansion.

But even losing interest in World of Warcraft should have had a gaming silver lining, it is very time consuming and tends to push other games out. I had a lot of catching up to do. First thing I did was get Condemned 2, anything that had caused that much fuss must have something about it. But really, no, it just did not work for me. It was not the violence, for better or for worse, I could not care less about that. (So dont let children play with it!) It was dull. Ok, I admit,great atmosphere, but that was it.

Onto Spore. I know people love it and I am ducking for cover as I say this but… big deal. It is really just Civilisation, with brighter colours. Yeah it it takes the experience a little bit further back into the journey of human evolution but still,really, it is eat then fight or make friends, over and over and over again. It actually reminded me of a very old game called Defending The Crown which I loved when I was a kid, but that was then, I expect more from my games now.

So what does grab my attention now, I was starting to despair, until my copy of Little Big Planet arrived in yesterday’s mail. It is something a bit different, and that is what captures my imagination. I know there are only seven stories in the world and there has to be a similar concept for games but surely there is still lots of room for innovation within what we already know. I still find loads of good books every year and we have been writing for thousands of years. With a relatively short period of thirty years or so behind it surely the games industry has plenty of room left for things that show some imagination? I hope so because I desperately do not want to grow out of games, ever.


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