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The Confusing World Of Freelance

Three months ago when I suddenly, and it was quite sudden, decided to try my hand at making a bit of money from writing, I actually thought the ability to write well would be the most important thing. How naive of me. A quick google and a trip to the library soon hinted at the fact that other skills might be needed but I was still not prepared for the huge amount of stuff that is not writing you have to be able to do to make any money from putting pen to paper.  

Things started out quite promisingly.  I joined  Australian Writer’s Marketplace online. Located a couple of magazines I thought might be interested in an idea I had and emailed the editors. Within twenty four hours an editor had answered saying the idea sounded interesting could I forward him the article. Yikes, best write it. I did and sent it in, he was pleased with it and paid me $400 AUD and published it in December’s issue!  Fabulous. He was also interested in another idea I had and then emailed me with an idea of his own he wanted me to write an article on. To be fair, I was very lucky and not many people seem to lay claim to a better start than this, but no matter which way you look at it I had only actually earned $400 AUD in three months (most editors won’t pay until they publish so even though I have written one more article and have another in the pipeline, I have still only had the one pay cheque). Obviously, I was going to need many more irons in the fire than just this one magazine. and that is where the fun began.
After purchasing the British Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook and emailing loads of editor from two countries, with an array of ideas, all to no effect, I realised  I needed another approach. The dreaded blogging and self marketing was going to have to start.
I am not sure why I resisted the idea of blogging for so long, to be honest. Now that I am into it, I am really enjoying it. What else in your life gives you the opportunity to go on about anything that is on your mind without lots of eye glazing over? I think the reason for my reluctance was a vague feeling that blogging was not ‘proper” writing. Anyway, whatever it was I am over it now. I blog, I twitter, I have a  Facebook account and I digg.
 So far my net income is still $400 AUD but all this has only developed this week so I will let you know. Fingers crossed.

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